Tektronix 7000 Replacement Bottom Feet 348-0073-00 348-0074-00

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Tektronix 7000 Series Replacement Feet and Flip Stand Pivot

This is a complete set of four bottom feet that will fit most 7000 series scopes. Each of the four feet comes in two pieces: a mount for the flip stand pivot, and an insert that actually touches the surface the instrument sits on. The right front and left rear feet (348-0074-00) are mirror images of the left front and right feet (348-0073-00). The inserts are the same for all four feet.

The replacement set consists of:

  • Right front/left rear foot and flip stand support 348-0074-00, qty. 2
  • Left front/right rear foot and flip stand support 348-0073-00, qty. 2
  • Foot insert 377-0119-00, qty 4

Contact me if you are unsure whether it will fit your particular Tektronix product. I’ll be happy to help.

Compatible Oscilloscope Models

  • 7104
  • 7313
  • 7403
  • 7603
  • 7613
  • 7623
  • 7633
  • 7704A
  • 7834
  • 7854
  • 7904A
  • 7934
  • TM503

Note: these are the same feet as used on the TM500 series mainframes and 5000 series scopes; the only difference is in the insert. If you’re looking for these feet, see Tektronix 5000 Feet


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