Tektronix 5000 Replacement Bottom Feet (Set) 348-0073-00 348-0074-00

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Tektronix 5000 Replacement Feet and Flip Stand Pivot

This is a complete set of four bottom feet that will fit most 5000 series scopes and TM500 series mainframes. Each of the four feet comes in two pieces: a mount for the flip stand pivot, and an insert that actually touches the surface the instrument sits on. The right front and left rear feet (348-0074-00) are mirror images of the left front and right feet (348-0073-00). In addition, the inserts for each foot are mirror images of the opposite side. The replacement set consists of:

  • Right front/left rear foot and flip stand support 348-0074-00, qty. 2
  • Right front/left rear foot insert 348-0207-00, qty 2
  • Left front/right rear foot and flip stand support 348-0073-00, qty. 2
  • Left front/right rear foot insert 348-0208-00, qty 2

Contact me if you are unsure whether it will fit your particular Tektronix product. I’ll be happy to help.

Compatible Oscilloscope Models

  • 5110
  • 5111
  • 5112
  • 5113
  • 5114
  • 5115
  • 5116
  • 5440
  • 5441
  • 5444
  • TM504
  • TM506

Note: these are the same feet as used on the 7000 series scopes; the only difference is in the insert. If you’re looking for 7000 series feet, see Tektronix 7000 Feet

Vintage collectors note

While I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that these feet are dimensionally accurate reproductions of the original Tektronix feet, please note that they are 3D printed. As such, they don’t have the same surface finish as the originals, which were injection molded.┬áThe photos should give you a good idea of what the printed parts look like.

California residents pay sales tax, sorry.

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