Tektronix 453, 453A, 454, 454A Replacement Cordwrap Feet 348-0258-00 (Set of 4)

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A fix for your Tektronix cordwrap feet!

Tired of having your oscilloscope power cord hanging loose because the cord wrap feet have disintegrated over the years? These replacement cord wrap feet for Tektronix 454 and 453 series oscilloscopes look just like the original feet that came with your scope and have the same fit and function – down to the last detail.

Durable materials

Made of tough, durable nylon, these feet are both strong and a little more flexible than other plastic materials. You can keep your cord wrapped neatly and restore the look of your old reliable oscilloscope. Replace your old, broken feet with these identical replacements.

Metal post replacement and new steel screws

These feet replace not only the plastic foot, but also the metal post/insert. You won’t need the insert as its function is built in to the replacement feet. I also provide new steel screws so even if everything is missing or damaged, you can still replace the old feet with these.

Compatible Oscilloscope Models

  • 453 and 453A
  • 454 and 454A

Vintage collectors note

While I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that these feet are dimensionally accurate reproductions of the original Tektronix feet, please note that they are 3D printed. As such, they don’t have the same surface finish as the originals, which were injection molded.┬áThe photos should give you a good idea of what the printed parts look like.

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