Tektronix 465, 475, 453, 454 Bottom Foot (Set of 4) 348-0080-00 348-0080-01

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Tektronix 400 Series Bottom Feet (Set of 4)

These bottom feet fit most 400 series scopes (465, 475, etc). They replace Tektronix part numbers 348-0080-00 and 348-0080-01. Contact me if you are unsure whether it will fit your particular Tektronix product. I’ll be happy to help.

Durable materials

Made of durable ABS, these feet are strong and tough. ABS is the same material those indestructible little LEGO blocks are made of. A steel hex nut is held captive inside (press fit with an insert). This provides solid, durable screw threads for the threaded stud on the case to engage.

Priced as a set of four.

Compatible Oscilloscope Models

  • 453 and 453A
  • 454 and 454A
  • 463
  • 465
  • 465B
  • 466
  • 468
  • 475 and 475A
  • 491

California residents pay sales tax, sorry.

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